Another perspective on Noah

By Tom Quiner

People I respect hate Noah, the new Russell Crowe movie.
And people I respect like the film. The latest is Catholic Answer’s, Patrick Coffin. I have listened to Mr. Coffin on the radio for years and hold him in high regard. Here’s what he had to say about Noah on his Facebook page today:

“Will someone explain the vitriol that’s being unloaded by a small minority of Christians with ties to Hollywood against “Noah?” I saw the movie this week at a media preview, and found it to be a magnificent, flawed, thought-provoking retelling of the biblical story. Yes, it colors outside the lines at time. Yes, I thought the depiction of the Nephilim was more of a sop to the 17-year-old mall rats who’ve been weaned on The Lord of the Rings and Narnia than an organic presentation of the fallen angelic. Yes, there are story elements that drift into arbitrary-land and could have been done differently. But for the merciful love of the God of Noah (!) if you want a major Hollywood film that is pro-life, pro-patriarchal authority (servant leadership), pro-faith and pro-fertility, good luck finding a better one than Aronofsky’s new telling of an old story. Al Kresta and I are going to be talking about this unseemly vitriol on tonight’s edition of Catholic Answers Live., 7-8 EST.”

Tune-in some 60 minutes from now to hear a different perspective. Al Kresta, who Patrick will be visiting with, is the brightest, most-reasoned talk-show host on radio today. Even if you’re an atheist, you’ll enjoy their take on this hot, cultural issue.