At least his foreign policy has been good

By Tom Quiner

Voters are largely united on many key ideas.
We want to get people back to work.
We want gas prices to be affordable.
We don’t want to leave a national debt that bankrupts our kids.
We want to enjoy rising paychecks.
We want  a smart societal safety net that leads people from welfare to jobs, from dependence to independence.
Honorable people can disagree on the policy approach to accomplish these goals. Conservatives opposed Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy because his liberal policy prescriptions haven’t worked in the past. Why would they start working suddenly under an Obama presidency?
They haven’t.
By these barometers, the Obama domestic legacy has been a bust. He staked out specific policy initiatives that have produced the results summarized in the chart above.
His initiatives included staggering stimulus spending, staggering increases in government entitlements, increased barriers to new oil sources, higher taxes, and an increased cost of living because of a stunning expansion in government regulations.
Honorable people can disagree on how to improve these results, can’t they? Actually, I’m not sure. I don’t know how many times I have heard it said that opposition to Obama is thinly disguised racism.
For the record, conservatives oppose Barack Obama because his big government approach, much of it passed through dishonest claims, has produced the sorry results above.
Well, at least the Obama/Clinton foreign policy has been solid, hasn’t it? Here is a recap of their accomplishments, as summarized by Mackubin Owens,  senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Program on National Security:

“U.S. foreign policy is in shambles, characterized by drift and incoherence. It is at best a-strategic, at worst anti-strategic, lacking any concept of how to apply limited resources to obtain our foreign policy goals because this administration has articulated no clear goals or objectives to be achieved. The foreign policy failures of the Obama Administration are legion:
1. the Russian “reset” that has enabled Vladimir Putin to strut about as a latter-day czar;
2. the betrayal of allies, especially in Central Europe, not to mention Israel;
3. snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq by failing to achieve a status of forces agreement (SOFA) that would help to keep Iraq out of the Iranian orbit;
4. the muddled approach to Afghanistan;
5. our feckless policy-or lack of policy-regarding Iranian nuclear weapons, not to mention Libya and Benghazi, as well as Syria.
President Obama has said that he was elected to end wars, not to start them, as if wars are fought for their own purpose. Ending wars is no virtue if the chance for success has been thrown away, as it was in Iraq.”

In Barack Obama, we have elected an ideological amateur to the White House. We are paying a price beyond domestic and international calculation.
Is there a lesson here for Republicans? I think there is. I would not get too excited at advancing the cause of a certain conservative Senator who has but two years of experience on the national stage.
We need an experienced adult to try to undo some of the damage the Obama Government has inflicted on the world, not a conservative version of Mr. Obama.