Korea should be a campaign issue

Time for you to brush up on your Korean War history.

Korea is in the news for many reasons. For one, North Korea is developing missiles that can hit the U.S. with a nuclear weapon.

For another, two candidates for president are suggesting that we reduce our presence in South Korea…

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21 reasons the Iran deal is a disaster

Team Obama says the Iran deal is the difference between war and peace.

They say there really is no other choice, so they’ve given away the store in “negotiating” a terrible deal. House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy spells out the 21 ways that this is a bad deal for America:

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The high drama of June 2nd

American relations with Poland soared with the election of Lech Walesa in 1990. It took the Obama administration to bring them to a grinding halt. They issued a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Karski a few years ago. In an act of raw courage, Mr. Karski, a member of the Polish underground, sneaked into a Warsaw Ghetto in 1942 and managed to escape with horrific news: the Nazis were exterminating Jews.

He pleaded for the world to listen, but they ignored him as millions of Jews were executed.

Kudos to the Obama administration for recognizing Mr. Karski’s extraordinary heroism.

But then Team Obama made a bad move: they wouldn’t let Lech Walesa accept the award in place of the late Mr. Karski.

Why? Mr. Walesa was deemed too “political.”

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The Clinton Doctrine

Presidents are often defined by foreign policy doctrines.

The Reagan Doctrine famously overwhelmed the Soviet Union by supporting freedom movements and communist resistors in Europe and Central America.

The Monroe Doctrine telegraphed U.S. intentions to consider further colonization of North or South America by European nations as an act of war requiring U.S. military response.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, liberal television reporter, Charles Gibson, infamously tried to trap Sarah Palin into explaining the Bush Doctrine, a multi-faceted policy. At its core, it stated that in order to keep our borders safe from future attacks on our homeland, we will root out bad guys being harbored in hostile countries.

It is fair to ask, what is The Clinton Doctrine? It is self-evident:

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