Yes or no: Is torture wrong? Is mass murder wrong? I'm waiting.

By Tom Quiner

Dachau was another Nazi slice of hell on earth.
Arriving prisoners were stripped naked. They had nothing left from their life, not a single material possession, nothing but their faith.



Prisoners were subject to hellish atrocity which included floggings, standing cells, and an insidious form of torture, known as tree hangings. In their effort to keep up with the Romans in the human depravity department, the Nazis would tie prisoners’ hands behind their back and suspend them from a tree.
For added sport, the Nazis would add weights to victims legs to intensify the agony as their arms dislocated from their sockets.
They imposed forced labor on their prisoners, who included Jews, political enemies, and anyone they didn’t like. Some 32,000 prisoners died horrible deaths at Dachau at the hands of an evil, atheistic regime that believed in their own might.
So I have a simple question for you: were the events at Dachau good or evil?
The answer is a no-brainer to 99.9% of the population, who would probably get mad at the question.
On the other hand, atheists struggle to answer. The famous 20th century British philosopher and atheist, Bertrand Russell, acknowledged the question was over his head:

” ‘Dachau is wrong’ is not a fact. Gravity IS a fact. But ‘Dachau is wrong’ is not a fact. I think it’s wrong, but I can’t prove it.”

When God is purged from the equation, simple questions become suddenly complex; truth is no longer Truth; and might makes right.
I’ve never had enough faith to be an atheist. After listening to the evangelical atheist, Matt Dillahunty, grapple with the Dachau question above, I hope I never do.