The dignity of women

By Tom Quiner

I love women.
For some reason, God has blessed me with an abundance of great women in my life, including my great wife, my Mom, my Mother-in-law, my sister, and so many other friends and family. (Some of you may be reading this post.)
[God has also blessed me with an abundance of great men in life. More on that another day.]
Sadly, our social and political cultures are hard at work eroding the dignity of women. Here is what is happening: women are being conditioned to believe that their worth, their very dignity, is predicated on sex.
Madonna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry build their “brand” ¬†with sex. Paris Hilton built her “brand” with a sex tape. Miley Cyrus is following their leads, jettisoning her Disney persona and replacing it with a slut persona. It is really painful to watch.
We’re seeing equally bad decisions being made by regular young women, influenced as they are by sexy female celebrities who are all about sex.
I keep my finger on the pulse of the culture by reading advice columnists like “Dear Abby.” Today’s letter is fairly typical:

“Dear Abby: I met the most wonderful man on a dating site. We seemed to hit it off. In fact, we are falling in love with each other. But he isn’t ready for an exclusive relationship and still wants to date.
He gets on the dating sites when I’m asleep in his bed. He has told me he loves me, but right now he just wants to be friends. He says I should also date, but how do you turn off love?”

Let me recap the sad state of affairs: the young lass sleeps with her boyfriend. To her this is love and commitment. To him, it is sex, and he wants even more of it from other women, thus his interest in dating sites. There is no commitment.
The young lady has been duped into believing that it is necessary for her to give away something that is precious: sexual intimacy. Why not? Society’s role models for these girls do the same thing, and they’re rich and famous.
I offer timeless advice to these girls: save yourself for marriage. You’re worth it. If your young man won’t wait, he’s not.