The nature of sex 4

We had a reader pose the following question.

“I was wondering if you have a post that explicitly addresses how you believe Christians who experience same sex attractions should live their lives in terms of romance. I’d be interested to know if you think they should attempt a heterosexual marriage or just remain celibate.” More…

The dignity of women 3

I keep my finger on the pulse of the culture by reading advice columnists like “Dear Abby.” Today’s letter is fairly typical:

“Dear Abby: I met the most wonderful man on a dating site. We seemed to hit it off. In fact, we are falling in love with each other. But he isn’t ready for an exclusive relationship and still wants to date.

He gets on the dating sites when I’m asleep in his bed. He has told me he loves me, but right now he just wants to be friends. He says I should also date, but how do you turn off love?” More…

Did you hear about the teacher who had sex in the closet twice in one day? 6

“Did you see the front page of the newspaper?”

I was enjoying morning coffee with my wife. We were reading the newspaper. Having finished the main news section, the Metro Iowa section, and the Sports page, I turned to my favorite section, the comics.

As I chuckled over “Rhymes with Orange,” I noticed Karen was glancing at the front page.

“Are you reading the article about the school teacher who was forced to resign for having sex with a staffer in the closet of his classroom?” More…