What will happen to my aborted child? "She will be burned."

By Tom Quiner

Can the preborn be aborted at one month?
Can the preborn be aborted at two months?
Can the preborn be aborted at three months?
Can the preborn be aborted beyond the third trimester?
Yes … right up to the point of delivery.
Many Americans who support human abortion laws do not realize that unfettered abortion is legal beyond the third trimester. After all, the Roe v Wade decision limited human abortion regulations to the first three months of a pregnancy, although the Court later extended it.
A large swath of self-proclaimed pro-choicers will rethink their support of human abortion laws when they learn how unregulated and inhumane these procedures are.
Many rethink their position when they hear of the psychic and spiritual scars it imparts on women.
That’s why the movie, “Gosnell, America’s biggest serial killer” must be made. Hollywood wouldn’t touch it, because they are too much in love with human abortion. But rank and file Americans aren’t.
Many people who support human abortion laws will rethink their positions when they see this film. Dr. Gosnell didn’t just abort babies one day before their delivery, he killed them after they were delivered.
The biggest complaint against Gosnell from the Human Abortion Industry was that Gosnell’s clinics were dirty. The Gosnell movie will show that the whole industry is dirty.
The Mainstream media gave the Gosnell trial scant coverage. This movie will shine a light on a terrible evil which silently continues in other clinics in our country. In the video above, one of the producers, Ann McElhinney, simply reads an excerpt from the trial transcript. It reveals how traumatized a woman was who went to Gosnell.  Ms. McElhinney can’t read through it all the way without choking up.
Ms. McElhinney needs to raise $2.1 million to make this movie. She has raised $1,914,866, 91% of her goal. There are only six days left in her crowd funding campaign. Want to help? Go to Gosnellmovie.com.