America needs a change in direction

By Tom Quiner

The president has two serious problems.
NUMBER ONE: Nothing he does seems to work. That’s a serious problem. His foreign policy is in shambles. While our enemies advance in the face of America’s retreat, our Secretary of State talks about our need to appoint more LGBT ambassadors.
I’m serious.
Can you imagine a surgically altered person negotiating with hardcore Muslims? I’m not sure Allah lovers embrace liberal foundational principals of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance. Doesn’t it seem that the president and his secretary of state should be  focusing on constructive foreign policy stuff instead of PC theology in the face of an increasingly radicalized world?
The American people are increasingly viewing him as the incompetent that he is.
NUMBER TWO: The public doesn’t trust the guy anymore. Yes, his grandiosity initially wooed a lot of people to vote for him. They really believed he could control the rising of the sea. They really believed that the Putins and the terrorists of the world would melt in the face of Obama happy talk. The folks at the Nobel Peace Prize factory surely believed it.
Americans don’t trust his rhetoric anymore. They now know it’s a bunch of hot air. Even more, they don’t trust his integrity either. The list of examples is endless: you can keep your existing health insurance if you want; the Benghazi attack was caused by an anti-Islamic film made by a despicable American; the IRS didn’t target conservative groups; Lois Lerner’s e-mails disappeared because of a good ol’ fashioned computer crash, happens to everyone!
Each successive lie damages our trust in the Obama presidency.
The polls reflect the relentless erosion in the public’s confidence in Barack Obama. Only 42% approve of his performance; and only 37% approve of his foreign policy.
Only 28.5% believe this country is headed in the right direction.
Barack Obama is in over his head. He needs a Republican Congress to help bail him out. Divided government has served us well in the past. Think Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich.
In light of these poll numbers, it is clear America needs a change in direction.