The evolution of principle

By Tom Quiner What is a principle? It is an essential truth upon which other truths are based. Former U.S. Senator and Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, embraced a principle that human life begins at conception. He was clear and unequivocal: “It is my deep personal conviction that abortion is wrong. I…

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Did Donald Trump just end Obamacare?

By executive order, President Trump has effectively eliminated the mandate and opened the door to cheaper, catastrophic insurance coverage. What Morris is saying is that even if Congress does nothing, Obamacare has already been gutted. All that remain are the subsidies.

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More Clintonian silliness

The year is 1991.

The place is Little Rock, Arkansas.

Presidential candidate, Bill Clinton, made the following statement. Please read it carefully:

“Together, we can make America great again.”

I don’t mean to be irritating, but I’d like you to read it again.

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The moral case for human abortion

Planned Parenthood has changed tactics. They’re admitting that killing is taking place in the womb, and that it is a person that is being killed.

In a television interview earlier this year, Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, actually called the preborn person an infant. Ms. Clinton and Big Abortion are now doubling down with the assertion that there is a moral case for abortion. In fact, that is the name of a soon-to-be-released book by a human abortionist from Great Britain, Ann Furedi…

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