Art a conservative can love

By Tom Quiner

People do crazy things in the name of art.
Sometimes, the craziness works. For example, who in their right mind would dream of creating a work of art out of 66,000 cups of water. Especially if the endeavor took 62 hours of toil.
An artist by the name of Belo would.
Thanks to the power of video, the artist’s installation will live for a long time. Here is his description of his project:

“To raise awareness among the general public about the global clean water crisis, the artist Belo created an image composed of 66,000 cups of colored rainwater simulating levels of impurities found in water all over the planet. This major work of 3,600 square feet, representing a fetus in the maternal womb, emphasizes the necessity of water, even before birth, for each living person.
Fun Facts: 66,000 compostable and biodegradable cups, 15,000 liters of colored rainwater, 1 kg of vegetable dye, more than 100 volunteers, 62 hours of work, placed end to end the 66,000 cups would measure 5.2 km long.
Thank you to all volunteers, partners and sponsors!”

Crazy or not, it’s pretty cool.


  1. bluebird of bitterness on June 3, 2014 at 10:46 am

    That is just beautiful.