David Mamet's remarkable journey from liberalism to conservatism

By Tom Quiner


A liberal, Jewish intellectual becomes a conservative.

Doesn’t happen every day, does it? It happened to playwright and Hollywood director, David Mamet. Mr. Mamet lives in an elite New York neighborhood where everyone is a liberal.
Everyone there called themselves “Independents” even though they always pulled the Democratic lever at election time. It dawned on Mr. Mamet some ten years ago that he had no understanding of conservative thought. To his credit, he decided to investigate it and had his eyes opened.
Conservatism is built on a foundation of logic and common sense, he learned. Liberalism is built on a house of cards and is precariously propped up with feelings, mush, and other people’s money. I wrote about Mr. Mamet last year as he discussed the nature of socialism.
I just ran across the Newsmax interview with Mr. Mamet from a couple of years ago. It’s worth watching. He is reasoned, smart, and has an astute understanding of the American Culture. In fact, he has a book out on the subject: The Secret Knowledge: On the dismantling of the American Culture.
Watch the interview above as he talks about his journey from liberalism to conservatism.