Human carnage takes a hit

By Tom Quiner

3 DIVA'S POSTER2People are being butchered in Iraq.

People are being butchered in Syria.

A young black man was killed in Ferguson, Missouri.

These stories of human carnage dominate the news cycle. The reports on cable news outlets are non-stop.

Did you hear about the carnage here in Iowa? You didn’t? Perhaps you should. Roughly 50,000 Iowans have died violent or chemically-induced deaths in the past decade. That’s a chunk of humanity in a state with a stagnant birth rate.

These Iowans were victims of human abortion. That is certainly NOT news in this day and age when the mainstream media and the Democratic Party treat the pre born as nothing less than a disease.

I have good news for you.

The number of Iowans dying in the womb due to violent circumstances is declining thanks to the remarkable educational efforts of the pro life community. In 2002, some 6200 Iowans died in the womb, victims of the human abortion industry. By 2011, the last year we have data for, the number had declined to 4800.

Groups like Iowans for Life, Iowa Right to Life, Dubuque Right to Life, and so many more, have been diligently reaching out to our communities educating women and men alike on the sanctity of life, and the health risks of human abortion.

This week, an Iowa judge supported the Iowa Board of Medicine’s decision to ban webcam abortions. Webcam abortions allow human abortionists to dispense abortion pills to women from remote locations over their computer screen without a doctor being present (as called for by Iowa law).

Planned Parenthood balked, naturally, and sued, naturally.

The judge ruled against them.

A Planned Parenthood spokesperson reacted:

“We’ve done more than 6,000 telemedicine procedures in the state. We’ve had a high satisfaction rate with our patients. And a very successful program as it relates to providing safe medical care to women throughout the state.”

This medical care involves providing poison, RU-482, the abortion pill, to healthy women carrying healthy babies in their wombs. The pill has killed over a dozen women due to toxic shock. Setting aside the health risk to the moms who go home to have a planned miscarriage, typically depositing their child in the toilet, I would suspect that the thousands of victims of this poison pill, had they been allowed to live, would question the “high satisfaction rate”.

What does high satisfaction rate mean, anyway?




In the first ten years since RU-482 was legalized, over 16,000 chemical abortions took place in Iowa alone. If only 5% weren’t “satisfied,” that would represent some 800 Iowa women who suffered from a pill that is anything but “safe medical care.”

Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director for Iowa Right to Life, set the record straight:

“We knew that this day would come because since 2008 when we first learned about this horrific plan, we have been trying to get the word out that not only unborn children were at risk, but also women who would never see a doctor and have these abortions. We knew they were at grave risk. We are very pleased to see that judge Ferrell has ruled in favor of the safety of Iowa women.”

“Nothing in Iowa is ever easy in this abortion fight, and so yes, we are fully anticipating the plaintiffs will appeal the decision and we are prepared for that to happen.”

“You know often times we’re cast into a category of ‘well you only care about the baby’ or ‘you only care about saving the baby’s life,’ and …that’s never been the case. We care about the mother just as much as we do the child. And this was an opportunity to really put actions behind those words, because we were just as concerned, if not more concerned for the safety of these women.”

“Planned Parenthood said for many, many years that there was not a single complication, all the while we knew they were logging in complication after complication on these abortions. We knew of gruesome stories of women who were left to deal with the dead body of their baby alone and returned to Planned Parenthood.”

There are complications to the abortion pill. Thanks to Jenifer Bowen and all the pro life groups fighting for authentic reproductive health for women and their pre born babies.

[I am proud to once again be involved in producing “3 Divas and a Guy” which will raise money for Iowa Right to Life and Iowans for Life. Hope you can come and support the cause!]