“Works for us”

By Tom Quiner

A California couple are told they will be fined if they do not water their lawn.

But they are also told by another state authority that they will be fined if they do.

What is the Democrats’ response? Listen to NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller for this and other breaking stories:

√ Liberals blast Facebook founder on Facebook for being successful.

√ Hillary earns $12 million since leaving the State Department!

√ Pilot arrested in heroin bust!

√ Who will be Dem’s nominee in 2016?

√ Bart Simpson loses his doc thanks to Obamacare!

√ California couple will be fined if they do and don’t water their yard!

√ Rachel Maddow says most illegal immigrants will be deported (wink!).

It’s Friday. Time for some news with a smile. Time for Jodi Miller!