Common sense says the abortion pill is unsafe

By Tom Quiner

The Des Moines Register ran a letter to the editor by the always spot-on Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director for Iowa Right to Life.

Ms. Bowen is at her spot-on best:

“It’s amazing the Register’s editorial staff can writeabout a teenager who ended up in the emergency room after taking abortion drugs (misoprostol) her mother ordered over the Internet and still insist this drug is safe.

If abortion is a “simple medical procedure with little risk of complications,” as the editorial says, how did this teenager end up in the hospital? If there are no complications, why does Planned Parenthood, which distributes the same abortion drugs, say on its website, “During the abortion pill (medication abortion) visit, you must agree — before you start — that you will have an in-clinic abortion if the abortion pill does not work”?

Another teenager, Holly Patterson, didn’t order the abortion drugs over the Internet. She got them from Planned Parenthood in California. Unlike Jennifer Whelan’s daughter, Holly’s parents didn’t know about it. Unlike Jennifer Whelan’s daughter, when Holly finally went to the emergency room, it was too late. She died from an infection from an incomplete abortion.

Great letter, Jenifer!