Would you chop off a head over a football penalty?

By Tom Quiner

A Muslim football player in the NFL is penalized for what some claim is praying after scoring a TD.

Although that’s not why he was penalized, let’s assume it was. A Quiner’s Diner reader, xPraetorius, puts it in perspective:

The part that left me shaking my head was:

“For anyone wondering why angry Muslims join ISIL, this whole saga could easily make the list. — Ahmed Tharwat, Star Tribune, Oct. 1, 2014.”

Whoever Ahmed Tharwat is, he apparently has the notion that Muslims, will join a group whose members crucify, rape and decapitate people, while sticking the severed heads on pikes, and also rape children and sell young girls into sexual slavery — over a football penalty.

It would be difficult to find a more damning accusation directed at Islam among actual opponents of Islam! And this guy thought he was standing up for them.

I’m a Catholic; I know that Islam is not the way, but when you can get an apparent Muslim to tell you that his religion fosters raving, homicidal lunatics — at the drop of a hat, or a penalty flag — that’s quite a thing.

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