Will Lady Gaga sing the NFL’s swan song?

Lady Gaga is the worst halftime singer the NFL could possibly have selected for this year’s Super Bowl.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, is a powerful spokesperson for the cultural elite who espouse a religion this blog calls…

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Politically-correct capitalism is a loser

I got an email from the Democratic Party yesterday.

They’re raising money in an attempt to overturn the stunning mandate won by Republicans in the election.

Here’s a flavor of their “love note”:

“What do Wilbur Ross and Steven Mnuchin — Trump’s incoming Secretaries of Commerce and the Treasury — have in common?

They’re both Wall Street billionaires who got rich preying on working Americans and foreclosing on their homes. And once confirmed, they plan to start bringing back the Bush-era economic policies that helped lead us to the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.”

They dost protest too much, methinks…

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Let us honor a classy man

Detroit Lions fans have a pretty good reason to be bitter about this loss. Here is the bright spot in this whole affair: Lions coach Jim Caldwell responded with total class.
If Barack Obama had been head coach, is there any doubt that he would have been blaming the officiating for the loss? Oh … and he’d be blaming George W. Bush for it. After all, he blamed Bush everything else…

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The NFL in the crosshairs

The NFL feeding frenzy begins.

Commissioner Roger Goodell better prepare for a long siege. He is now officially politically incorrect. Watch what happens over the weeks, months, and years ahead. The NFL is going to face an onslaught of bad press. They will be able to do nothing right in the eyes of media mavens and an alphabet soup of activist groups.

The campaign against the NFL will mirror the media campaign against the Catholic Church over the priest abuse scandal…

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