“I am the Pro Life Generation.”

By Tom Quiner

The 42nd March for Life is history.

This blog followed the action from the sidelines, from the warmth of my office. I devoted a lot of time to the events because I know the mainstream media won’t.

The annual news blackout of this event is overcome by the thousands, if not tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Facebook and blogposts popping up everywhere.

If anything, the decision by the MSM to downplay the story seems to fuel the passion for the pro life cause.

Do you know what the big story of the day was yesterday? DeflateGate. That’s the story about an alleged cheating scandal with the New England Patriots for under inflating footballs in last week’s AFC championship game.

Give me a break.

Here’s what makes the March for Life newsworthy:

1. It takes place every year, 42 years in a row.

Contrast this event with rallies and protests that have taken place in the National Mall over the years. Most are one-time events. There is only one other comparable national annual event, the “Rolling Thunder” demonstration, where bikers show their support for American POWs every year.

Only a few events in this country have compared in size to the half a million strong March for Life. There were two rallies of 500,000 opposing the Viet Nam War, one in 1969, the other in 1971.

There were half a million homosexual activists who rallied in 1987 in support of AIDs victims.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) rallied half a million human abortion supporters in 1989 and 2004.

Louis Farrakhan mobilized the Million Man March in 1995 which drew some 400,000 to 800,000 people.  (The size of the crowd was disputed and resulted in the end of crowd estimating by the National Park Service.)

The events above were one or two time events. The March for Life is an annual event.

2. The crowds are mammoth, growing steadily with each passing year.

Keep in mind, the liberal elite said America would come to accept human abortion with the passage of Roe v Wade. They haven’t. Support for life increases each year as support of human abortion laws weakens. The March for Life and its mammoth crowds are a bellwether for the cause of Life.

3. The March is youth-driven.

You can’t miss it. Some two-thirds of the crowds are in their teens or early twenties. Here’s the significance: millennials are pro life. A third of their peer group were aborted. They understand the significance of laws and a culture that view human dignity as being so disposable, and they don’t like it.

Last year’s MSM broadcast news shows gave the March 17 seconds of total coverage. In other words, practically nothing. I haven’t read figures for this year’s yet. My local newspaper, the Des Moines Register, relegated the story to the second section, the USA Today section.

DM Register photo of the March for Life

DM Register photo of the March for Life

To their credit, they ran two good-sized photos. However, neither showed the massiveness of the crowd. Even more, the main photo caption mischaracterized the size of the crowd as in the “thousands,” when in fact it was in the hundreds of thousands, as you can see in the second photo which comes from LifeSite News (the Register’s pic shows but a few dozen marchers).

The page three story had but a single paragraph of coverage. At least

LifeSite News photo

LifeSite News photo

this was better than last year’s photo which focused on human abortion supporters.

If you want to experience the passion that fuels the March for Life, watch the brief eight minute documentary above from last year’s March for Life. This is a huge movement that is winning despite the MSM’s decision to downplay and distort the story.

The real story is trumpeted in one placard after another. You can’t miss it, even though the media doesn’t want you to see it. Here are the words that are seen everywhere in this sea of love called the March for Life: “I am the Pro Life Generation.”

End of story.

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