“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dumber exchange.”

By Tom Quiner

Jonah Goldberg calls it the dumbest 57 seconds in television history.

He refers to a bunch of MSNBC liberals soft-pedaling the latest mass murders committed in the name of the prophet Mohammad (aka workplace violence). Quiner’s Diner posted the clip yesterday.

Mr. Goldberg, who writes for the National Review, said, “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dumber exchange.”

Goldberg was just getting warmed up:

“I don’t know who the guy is making the astoundingly obtuse comparison between Jerry Falwell and a bunch of cold-blooded murderers but, as incandescently stupid as that analogy is, it’s eclipsed by Wagner’s smug, knowing nods as he talks. If I follow her response correctly, she’s saying that we focus on anti-Muslim blasphemy disproportionately because it is so much more “controversial” and “incendiary.”

Well, uh, yes. I guess that’s true. But the reason mockery of Islam is more controversial is because people get killed over it! To compare Falwell’s lawsuit to these murderers isn’t just astoundingly, jaw-droppingly, stupid. Doing so misses just about every important moral, legal and factual distinction that one can miss. But Wagner doesn’t think that’s good enough. She had to take it a half-step farther and really emphasize how unfair it is that people make it seem like only Muslims are thin-skinned about such things.”

I’m a big fan of Jonah Goldberg. Read his complete comments at the National Review Online.