What does a Catholic say if invited to a gay wedding?

The day is coming.

The culture is demanding that Catholics shed their faith and bend to the homosexual lobby that now controls the Democratic Party. For example, what happens if a Catholic is invited to a so-called gay wedding? To decline opens you up to being called a bigot, a hater, a homophobe or worse by the judgmental mob on the left.

Writing in the National Review, catholic commentator, Maggie Gallagher, provides this thoughtful, charitable response:

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The triumph of a 'charismatic demogogue'

By Tom Quiner Turn the clock back six years. I just finished reading an essay written by the always compelling Mark R. Levin which appeared in the National Review Online on October 25th, 2008. The title: “The Obama Temptation.” Mr. Levin  described the then-upcoming first presidential election for Barack Obama like this: “but I sense…

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