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By Tom Quiner


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How do you change the culture?

One way is through art. That is why I have written “The Wedding at Cana,” a mini musical which is in production right now. It is based on the second chapter of the Gospel of John.

Six performances are scheduled here in Des Moines, Iowa, for next month. But we want a further reach than just Des Moines.

My hope is for other dioceses and parishes throughout the country to eventually launch their own local productions using the performance tools we are developing with these first six performances.

You can help spread the word by simply “LIKING” our Wedding at Cana Facebook page.

Then ask your friends to do the same.

You can support the “evangelization through entertainment” movement, as I call it, by taking 30 seconds to LIKE our Facebook page.

While you’re at it, check out the Wedding at Cana website.