Feel happy, spend some time in Cana

Politics make me mad. Religion makes me happy.

I write about them both on this blog because the subjects are interconnected. So-called same-sex marriage aggravates me because it corrupts both the timeless secular and religious definitions of marriage, which is based on the fruit of the union of one man and one woman: children.

On the other hand, the beautiful scriptural account of the Wedding at Cana makes me happy, because it showcases God’s love for us in profound and varied ways.

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The Miracle Maker

I believe in the power of entertainment as a tool to evangelize an easily distracted world. A priest at one of our recent performances marveled at the size of the crowd for The Wedding at Cana. He said, “we’d never be able to pull 150 parishioners for a Bible study.”

And yet entertainment can, and does, teach. It can also distort our Christian faith, and that is where things get interesting…

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How do you change the culture?

One way is through art. That is why I have written “The Wedding at Cana,” a mini musical which is in production right now. It is based on the second chapter of the Gospel of John…

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Will you support my Kickstarter campaign?

By Tom Quiner Art is one of the best ways to evangelize our Christian faith. I have written a musical, The Wedding at Cana, that evangelizes the awe and beauty of the 2nd chapter of the Gospel of John using a dinner theater format. Would you check it out at my Kickstarter page? If the…

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Announcing the winning Wedding at Cana poster design

By Tom Quiner Thanks to everyone who voted on poster designs for my upcoming musical, “The Wedding at Cana.” The piece will be performed as dinner theater in Catholic Churches next year. Over one-thousand votes were tabulated in all. The design we selected finished in a dead heat with another design. Ultimately, this design generated…

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Still time to vote on your favorite poster design

By Tom Quiner Thanks to Quiner’s Diner readers who have taken the time to vote on your favorite poster design. We’ve had a number of designs prepared for my upcoming musical, “The Wedding at Cana.” The design on this page is in first place so far, but it is a tight race. A new design…

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Quiner’s Diner needs your opinion immediately

By Tom Quiner I have written a musical called “The Wedding at Cana,” based on the Gospel of John passage (John 2:1-11). It will be performed next year in a number of parishes in a dinner theater format as part of ‘the year of marriage and family,’ as proclaimed by our bishop. We have had…

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