Feel happy, spend some time in Cana

By Tom Quiner

Politics make me mad. Religion makes me happy.

I write about them both on this blog because the subjects are interconnected. So-called same-sex marriage aggravates me because it corrupts both the timeless secular and religious definitions of marriage, which is based on the fruit of the union of one man and one woman: children.

On the other hand, the beautiful scriptural account of the Wedding at Cana makes me happy, because it showcases God’s love for us in profound and varied ways. Christ’s first public miracle takes place at a wedding feast, signifying the sacramental nature of the union of one man and one woman.

I wrote a mini musical based on the Gospel of John, 2:1-12. “The Wedding at Cana” was performed as Catholic ‘dinner theater’ in half-a-dozen Catholic churches here in Des Moines. Some 900 people attended the performances.

Now the DVD is ready, and it’s a beauty! You can watch the trailer above to check it out. If you’d like to purchase a copy, visit www.CatholicDinnerTheater.com for online ordering.

Want to feel happy? Spend a little time in Cana!