The Clinton Doctrine

By Tom Quiner

Presidents are often defined by foreign policy doctrines.

The Reagan Doctrine famously overwhelmed the Soviet Union by supporting freedom movements and communist resistors in Europe and Central America.

The Monroe Doctrine telegraphed U.S. intentions to consider further colonization of North or South America by European nations as an act of war requiring U.S. military response.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, liberal television reporter, Charles Gibson, infamously tried to trap Sarah Palin into explaining the Bush Doctrine, a multi-faceted policy. At its core, it stated that in order to keep our borders safe from future attacks on our homeland, we will root out bad guys being harbored in hostile countries.

It is fair to ask, what is The Clinton Doctrine? It is self-evident:

The Clinton Doctrine leverages the influence of Bill and Hillary Clinton to increase their wealth, even if the consequence of influenced-policy is harmful to our nation.

Put another way:

The Clinton Doctrine puts Clinton interests ahead of national interests. In other words, they’ll sell out the United States for big bucks.

It is a doctrine of greed.

It is a doctrine of disloyalty.

It is cynically immoral.

Liberal pundits suggest that their entire greedy gambit is too complex for stupid voters to understand. Even more, they state that the Clintons have been through scandals before, and they always seem to come out unscathed.

In fact, sometimes they come out better than ever.

Now there is a book out called “Clinton Cash,” by Peter Schweizer, that puts the pattern of Clinton wealth enrichment on full display.

I don’t think the pattern is difficult to understand. The most famous example was reported by the liberal New York Times:


–> A Canadian uranium mine owner gives the Clinton Foundation $2 million.

–> The Clinton Foundation fails to report the largesse to the White House in violation of Ms. Clinton’s promise otherwise.

–> The Uranium company buys up mines all over the world and wants to cash out by selling them to a Russian based company controlled by Vladimir Putin, our enemy.

–> The sale requires Clinton’s approval.

–> She says yes.

–> Uranium is critical to our nuclear defense capabilities. Now Vladimir Putin controls a fifth of our uranium needs.

“Clinton Cash” presents one example after another tainted with the whiff of influence peddling.

Whereas previous presidents espoused doctrines that they believed represented the best interest of the country, the Clinton Doctrine is all about Bill and Hillary.


Voters get it.









  1. Paul Sharp on May 7, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    A fascinating, and troubling, story unfolding about the Clilntons, and given their history not surprising. In addition to greed and seeking power I think we’re seeing the liberal and progressive mindset in action; not unlike that in the Wilson, FDR and current administrations; i.e. “We know what is best for the country, and the world too, we cannot be constrained by the U.S. Constitution. After all it was developed long ago and times are different. Our ideas are so important that we will do whatever it takes to implement them.”

    Compare the above administrations to Reagan’s and Coolidge’s. Calvin Coolidge is maligned by liberals; I recall the professor in my college American history class deriding him mercilessly. I think Coolidge’s administration has a profound message for us. I look forward to reading Amity Shlaes’ book on Coolidge to learn more about the man and his governing style.

    • quinersdiner on May 7, 2015 at 5:21 pm

      Good points, Paul. It seems like liberals are squeamish about the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights. These superior beings don’t believe they should be bound by the rules we mere mortals cherish.