Tom Brady vs. Hillary Clinton

By Tom Quiner


Tom Brady thought he could play by different rules.

In case you haven’t followed the “Deflategate” Scandal, Mr. Brady evidently colluded with his ball boys to cheat the system and gain an advantage over the other team. How? By having a little air let out of the footballs he threw.

In the cold weather of a championship game, deflated balls are a little easier to grip.

The cheat was caught.

The NFL investigated, and here’s where things get interesting: Brady refused to cooperate by not turning over e-mail and text records.

Sound familiar? Of course, since he took a page from the Hillary Clinton playbook: stonewall.

It didn’t work.

The integrity of the NFL was at stake. The league suspended Mr. Brady for four games; fined the Patriots a million dollars; took away their first round draft pick for next year; and their fourth round pick the year after.

The suspension was as much for the stonewalling as the rule infraction.

Ironically, at the same time Tom Brady is about to lose four games running the Patriot’s offense for refusing to turn over his e-mails, Hillary Clinton is asking for four years to run the country despite her refusal to turn over all of her e-mails while Secretary of State.

Ironically, at the same time that the NFL said the integrity of the game is at stake, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party are saying that integrity really doesn’t matter all that much.

After all, Mr. Obama let Ms. Clinton get away with selling influence, even after she signed an agreement that promised transparency with her foundation and the government while Secretary of State.

Integrity and rule of law are the foundation of American governance. And yet Democrats are promoting a candidate that sneers at such quaint notions.

Integrity and playing by the rules are the foundation of the NFL. The NFL’s top passer is being sanctioned at the same time Hillary Clinton gets a free pass.

Let us hope the American people demand more of a presidential candidate and throw a penalty flag at Team Clinton.


  1. atimetoshare on May 12, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Great comparison!