There is a better way

“I have small children. Trump does stuff everyday that I teach my kids is wrong. I wouldn’t be able to let them watch the President of the United States on television for fear he’d set a bad example for my kids.”

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How I plan to vote in this November’s presidential election

I will vote for a president for the 13th time in my life in November.

I have voted for the Republican candidate a dozen times. My candidate has won six times in this 44 year span.

As I consider the state of America after nearly eight years of a president who dislikes his country, I find myself focusing on several key issues which will influence my vote.

At the top of the list are…

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Obama’s flaw is good news for conservatives

Much of the Obama legacy can be undone fairly quickly if Republicans regain the White House. If the president had enacted these changes via legislative action, much like Mr. Clinton and Mr. Reagan did, they would be difficult to undo.

But Mr. Obama didn’t do it the old-fashioned, American, democratic way, because he’s a lousy, preening politician who thinks he knows what’s best for the ‘little guy.’

Instead, he crammed it down our throats with his pen…

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Good news: Trump slips in Iowa

Ted Cruz has taken a slight lead over Donald Trump in Iowa.

This is good news, because Donald Trump would most likely get trumped by Hillary Clinton in a national election…

An NBC/WSJ poll shows Hillary beating the Donald by 10 points, fifty to forty.

However, the same poll shows her only beating Ted Cruz by 3 points, forty-eight to forty-five.

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