CNN’s “stunning” interview with Hillary Clinton

By Tom Quiner

Hillary Clinton’s four years as Secretary of State were transformative.

Relations with Vladimir Putin were “reset” and he proceeded to walk all over the Ukraine.

A redline was presented to Syria and they proceeded to run across it.

American troops were pulled out of Iraq and ISIS quickly moved in and filled the vacuum with monstrous savagery.

Iran races to a nuclear bomb.

The American Embassy in Benghazi is attacked. Four Americans are killed, including our ambassador. The administration dispensed false information as to the cause.

The Clinton Foundation rakes in millions of dollars from businesses and governments who seek and receive favors from the U.S. government.

Secretary Clinton uses a private server for her e-mail, and destroys most of them when she leaves office, some of which might have shed light on her dealings with the Clinton Foundation and its benefactors.

Huge stories, each of these. And there are more.

So, yes, her tenure at the State Department was truly transformative, a time marked by American decline on the international stage.

Since announcing her presidential candidacy, Hillary Clinton has avoided talking to the press. She says nothing substantial and stonewalls on each and every controversy which surrounds her.

Finally, she sat down with CNN reporter Brianna Keilar for an interview. Guess what? Ms. Keilar didn’t even ask about her four years running the State department!


I know, Ms. Keilar is a family friend who attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. But out of professional self-respect, couldn’t she have asked a single meaty question about Hillary’s track record?

Republican candidate, Carly Fiorina, was quick to comment:

“Stunning…and yet completely unsurprising. Hillary Clinton managed not to answer any substantive questions during that interview. And she wasn’t even asked about her track record as Secretary of State.”

Fiorina said whoever is the Republican candidate must hold Ms. Clinton accountable, someone …

“…who will ask her about Benghazi, who will ask her about her conflicts of interest while her family accepted money from countries with business before her, who will ask her why she thought a gimmicky red reset button would dissuade the ambitions of someone like Vladmir Putin.”

The mainstream media (MSM) has given Barack Obama a free ride. It appears that trend line will continue with Hillary Clinton if the CNN interview is any indication.