The radical, counter-cultural religion liberals try to suppress

By Tom Quiner

 Catholics are bad guys.

Their Christ-centric ideology puts them at odds with the power of the State.

Last year, the U.S. Army actually listed us and our evangelical Christian brothers and sisters as religious extremists. Our Commander-in-Chief’s Army actually lumps us into the same category as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Ku Klux Klan, and other groups listed above that truly are extremist.

In fairness, Catholics ARE supposed to be counter-cultural. The Commander-in-Chief’s military knows that.

Catholics are called to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to give to God what is God’s. So what belongs to God?

Our children.

Each child is a gift. God entrusts them to us. Nothing is more counter-cultural than for a Catholic to stand up and publicly defend what is God’s.

Many Catholics won’t. They have been seduced by political correctness. They have been seduced by a different religion, Secular Humanism, that dictates that although they would personally never offer up their child to Planned Parenthood, they can’t prevent someone else from taking it and paying Planned Parenthood to dispose of their gift.

Catholics also believe marriage belongs to God. The Commander-in-Chief and the state religion, Secular Humanism, believes it belongs to man. This creates tremendous tension between the establishment’s religion and that of Rome’s.

The difference between the two religions goes even deeper, which may explain why the military does not like or trust us.

The Commander-in-Chief’s IRS evidently doesn’t like Catholics either.

Dr. Anne Hendershott is a Professor of Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work at Franciscan University of Steubenville. She said the IRS came after her in a rather suspicious manner.

They wanted to know about her “business.”

Well, she’s a college professor. She writes on the side. Some of her pieces appear in the Wall Street Journal and various Catholic publications.

They wanted to know “what her politics were,” as if that had anything to do with the amount of taxes she should pay.

The IRS wanted to know about her writing.

They demanded an audit and an interview. Although Professor Hendershott files a joint return with her husband, they would not let him attend the “grilling.” Here’s how The Blaze reported on what happened to her:

The process was a grueling one, including many questions that Hendershott felt were political in nature. Numerous records were requested before the in-person meeting, as well as during and after. […] While asking about the deposits, the agent wanted to know if the monies came from groups and, if so, what the organizations’ politics were.

Professor Hendershott had written a provocative essay titled, “Who are these fake Catholic groups?” The piece appeared on the website for Catholic Advocate.

The Blaze says this article may have been a flash point for triggering unwelcome IRS pressure:

Hendershott told the Blaze that she occasionally freelances for various Catholic publications and the Wall Street Journal but is paid very little and often makes no profit from it. She said she has regularly written negatively of President Obama and various liberal groups including Catholics in Alliance for the Common GoodCatholics United, and Catholic Democrats. Just a few months before she was contacted by the IRS, she had written an article alleging that Chris Korzen, a co-founder of the liberal group Catholics United, was secretly receiving money from George Soros.

So how did pressure from the IRS affect Professor Hendershott?

“I haven’t written for [the Catholic advocate] since the audit, because I was so scared.”

In other words, IRS politically-motivated intimidation produced its desired affect by chilling conservative free speech.

The IRS went after the Catholic League (CL) as well, as president Bill Donahue recently reported. The CL was investigated for allegedly violating the IRS Code on political activities as it relates to 501(c)(3) organizations.

The investigation was triggered after the IRS received a letter from Catholics United who called on them to launch a probe against the CL. Catholics United is a George Soros funded, left-leaning group that is Catholic in name only. This is the same group Professor Hendershott had been so critical of.

Because of their thoroughly liberal and anti-Catholic credentials, the IRS was evidently receptive to Catholics United.

Like the military, our Commander-in-Chief’s IRS viewed Catholics in an adversarial light.

Perhaps we are subversive. Practicing Catholics DO want to subvert the faith and morals of the Secular Humanists.

We DO want to convince them that children are a gift from God, not a disease.

We DO want to convince them that marriage is a beautiful sacrament between one man and one woman.

We DO want to convince them that sexuality should be saved for this beautiful sacrament.

We DO believe that our very salvation may be determined by how we live out these very issues. We want the Secular Humanists to end up in heaven and are concerned that their religion sets up grave impediments.

Yes, Catholics are very counter-cultural. It is no wonder the Commander-in-chief doesn’t like us.


  1. stevegreer1 on July 26, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Well said, Tom. Even though I am not Catholic, but rather non-denominational Christian, I fully understand what you are saying. I have read many articles in the Navy Times and in the MSM where the so-called leaders in the military have been cracking down on religious liberties.
    If I have one complaint about your post, though, it will be your use of the word “military.” As a service member, that word describes me, and all of my fellow service members all throughout the ranks. Please understand that the “military” doesn’t hate Catholics or Christianity as a whole. These decisions to label Catholics and evangelicals as religious extremists is not coming from the lower ranks, but rather from the upper echelon. It is coming from what we in the enlisted ranks refer to as “politicians in uniform.” The upper brass, if you will.
    We have watched as over the past 7 years, many strong, well-rounded leaders have been fired from their posts and replaced with weak-willed, spineless, subservient “politicians in uniform” who bend to the will of their supreme leader. It is these people who are forcing their will, and that is to say, the will of the Commander-in-Chief, on the rest of us.

    • quinersdiner on July 26, 2015 at 9:16 pm

      Steve, thanks for the correction. It is well-taken.

      • stevegreer1 on July 28, 2015 at 6:23 pm

        No problem, Tom. Yours is the one blog I look forward to reading the most every day. Keep ’em coming!

    • encourage the faithful on July 27, 2015 at 3:31 am

      Steve, it is good to hear from an insider on the subject. It seems that now is the time that Christ is separating the wheat from the chaff and the Remnant few who are faithful to our Lord and Savior have to get busy and actively build up His kingdom. As President Obama tells us, elections have consequences. And having him as a consequence has spoken volumes about who is faithful and who is not. His sexual proclivities have invited all kinds of perversions into the open. Never before has there been so much open rebellion against God.

      Obama is the Left’s deity and the members of the military must follow their Commander-in-Chief or at the very least be silent about the perversions, lest they want to face court-martial. If we had a legislature with any guts it would have impeached our limp-wristed CEO for high crimes and misdemeanors long ago. Sadly instead we are swirling in the eddy of seven years of orgiastic disorientation, most of the country having been swept into the tide. Each of the faithful has to support the conservative family values lobbying groups for us to make some headway at all. Else all is lost until Christ the King saves us, the remnant few.

      Tom, we know that evil hates having the light shine upon its deeds. That is why the goodness we try to promote is too much to bear for those who practice grave immorality. They will lash out at us with a vengeance that is demonic, with the gnashing of teeth and all that. It is such a gruesome spectacle that even the saints and the martyrs would cringe.

      • quinersdiner on July 27, 2015 at 7:01 am

        Yes, in fact, we’re seeing them lash out vocally and in action against Christians.