Competing headlines from the Pope’s trip to the Americas

By Tom Quiner

Matthew Archbold is a Catholic blogger. He cited some humorous differences on how the media perceived the Pope’s visit to the Americas.

Check out these contrasting headlines:

Unknown“Pope meets Fidel Castro after delivering jab against communist system” (LA Times)


“Is Francis too soft on communism?” (CNN)

How about these two:

“Planned Parenthood Slams Pope Francis Over Abortion Speech, Women’s Rights” -(International Business Times)


“Pope Francis Slams Capitalism, Death Penalty, Immigration Law; No Real Mention of Abortion, Gay Marriage.” (Breitbart)

The best headline, though, comes from the always reliably liberal Huffington Post:

“A Catholic Nun-Turned-Lesbian Mom Reflects on Seeing Pope Francis at the White House” -(HuffPo.)

As Archbold drolly notes, “Good to see they’re broadening their readership. I mean, who can’t relate to being a Catholic nun turned lesbian Mom?”


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  1. K. Q. Duane on September 30, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    For a lifelong Catholic, Pope Francis’s American trip was both depressing and embarrassing. His total lack of courage in his convictions (if he truly has any) was both shocking and infuriating.