Who should pay for the care of the little girl who survived an abortion?

By Tom Quiner

Joe responded to yesterday’s blogpost titled, “Ethics 101“:

“At first blush, your post evokes an obvious emotional response, but I have a few questions.

At what stage of development is she?

Is there any realistic chance to keep her alive?

Would we only be increasing her suffering at that point? If so, would it be right to prolong that suffering?

Now for the more logistical questions. Who would pay for the care and treatment of the infant, and if she survives, who takes custody of her?”

I responded as follows:

Abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden with her little girl

Abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden with her little girl

Great questions, Joe. To answer each of your questions, “irrelevant.”

She has the exact same dignity and moral value at her stage of development as any other person. It doesn’t matter if you’re vibrant or dying, young or old, black or white, Gentile or Jew, your dignity, your moral worth, is the same as anyone else’s.

Regarding the next two questions, “irrelevant.

After surviving the human abortionist’s best effort to kill her, she is now entitled to the medical community’s best efforts to save her life.

Who should pay if she survives? Well, who are the parents? They are the ones who made the choice to engage in activity that conceived her. Just because they don’t want her doesn’t mean they aren’t still her parents. If they still do not want her simply because she foiled the abortionist who tried to kill her, they can put her up for adoption. Millions of parents wait in line for a child. Wouldn’t it have made a lot more sense for the parents to have done that in the first place instead of subjecting their daughter to the torture of human abortion?

Finally, Joe, you should talk to the girl herself, you know, the one who survived the abortion. Her name is Melissa Ohden. She’s a mother now, with children of her own. I wrote a blogpost about her a few years called, “Life is Beautiful.”

It’s worth a read.

Thanks for writing.