Take up your cross and stand up for life

By Tom Quiner

What does it mean to stand up for what is right?

Quiner talks with Fr. Frank Pavone

Quiner talks with Fr. Frank Pavone

It means you speak out.

You don’t remain silent.

It means you oppose what is wrong.

And it means you take Luke 14:24 seriously:

“Whoever does not take up his own cross and follow Me cannot be my disciple.”

What can be more just than standing up for the most vulnerable amongst us, the pre born? What can be more unjust than allowing our brothers and sisters to be aborted while in the womb simply because they are inconvenient?

Every single one of us was made in God’s image. Christ demands that we stand up for His Father’s creation. And we know we’ll get pushback from a culture that values Planned Parenthood profits, endangered bugs and rodents, and transgenderism more than the seven pound baby in the womb.

Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, simply explains why we pro-lifers do what we do:

“Pro life work is motivated by pure love.”

If you and I don’t stand up for the pre born, who will? An entire political party, the Democrats, have staked their formidable power against the human rights of the pre born. The pro life movement doesn’t get government funds like powerful pro abortion groups, whose nest is feathered with taxpayer cash.

We do what we do because it is right and just. We do it out of pure love.

In this new year, let us be more pro life than ever. Fr. Pavone offers a beautiful prayer to help us persevere in the face of opposition:

“Lord, thank-you for the grace of being pro life and of standing strong when others ridicule or oppose me. May your peace fill my soul, and may I become more like Your crucified and risen Son.”

Take up your cross. Together, let’s make the cause of Life our top cause in 2016.

The opposition doesn’t stand a chance when a cause is so just.