“What I was missing was love,” admits radical feminist

By Tom Quiner

The women were topless.

They attacked a phalanx of faithful Catholic men protecting their Church from desecration and derision from those who oppose Her teachings.

The anti-Catholic feminists taunted the men, attempted to beguile them with their unclothed bodies, threw food on them, splattered them with paint, and subjected them to as much public humiliation as radical feminism could muster.

The men simply prayed for them.

The Marxist-feminist movement turned hateful a long time ago. Brazilian feminist, Sara Winter, was one of them. She was one of the founders of the Brazilian branch of Femen.

She was part of the protest I described above. The video of the protest is not fit for this blog.

Ms. Winter turned her back on the movement. A very small person helped to bring about this remarkable change of heart: her child.

Sara Winter had a baby and suddenly realized that the primary sacrament of Marxist-feminism, human abortion, was gravely evil.

She asks for forgiveness:

“I understand I made a huge mistake, and I ask forgiveness from the bottom of my heart. The way to achieve public policy changes for women has nothing to do with mocking people’s religions. What I was missing was love (which changed when I became a mother), love that came to me after having reflected a lot on today’s militant feminism.”

She asked for forgiveness …

“from all those people, whether religious or not, that I offended during a feminist protest last year involving a same-sex kiss in front of a church in Rio de Janeiro.”

She asked for forgiveness for being …

“part of that scheme to get abortion legalized.”

Ms. Winter regrets her abortion, and almost died from it.

Today, she says “yes” to life and proclaims that …

“feminism should be focusing more on taking care of women instead of putting their lives at risk.”

Funny how things work. Sara Winter ferociously opposed the Church that just proclaimed the power of a Baby sent by God. And now she gets it. It took her own baby to teach her that love is the answer.