By Tom Quiner

Camille Paglia is perhaps my favorite liberal to read.

Camille Paglia

Camille Paglia

She is a lesbian who has been described as an anti-feminist feminist. In other words, she doesn’t hate men.

I seldom agree with her public policy prescriptions. For example, she embraces Bernie Sanders and his call for ‘free’ college.

Nonetheless, reading her is a delightful journey. Here is her take on the status of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, as excerpted from her current essay in Salon:

“A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote against the machine, the obscenely money-mad and soulless juggernaut that the Democratic Party has become.  Perhaps there was a time, during the Hubert Humphrey era, when Democrats could claim to be populists, alive to the needs and concerns of working-class people.  But the party has become the playground of white, upper-middle-class professionals with elite-school degrees and me-first values.  These liberal poseurs mouth racial and ethnic platitudes, acquired like trophy kills at their p.c. campuses, but every word rings hollow, because it is based on condescension, a patronizing projection of victimhood onto those outside their privileged circle.  There is no better example of this arrogant class bias than Wellesley grad Hillary Clinton lapsing into her mush-mouthed, Southern-fried dialect when addressing African-American audiences.”


  1. parrillaturi on February 25, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Well shut my mouth, honey pie! I have noticed her transition as well. Obama gets into a preacher’s mode also.

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