“The playground of white, upper-middle-class professionals with elite-school degrees and me-first values”

“‚Ķliberal poseurs mouth racial and ethnic platitudes, acquired like trophy kills at their p.c. campuses, but every word rings hollow, because it is based on condescension, a patronizing projection of victimhood onto those outside their privileged circle. There is no better example of this arrogant class bias than Wellesley grad Hillary Clinton lapsing into her mush-mouthed, Southern-fried dialect when addressing African-American audiences.”

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Liberal censorship

Any objective assessment of the undercover videos that have exposed the latest ugliness in Planned Parenthood’s business dealings scream FRONT PAGE NEWS STORY. But the MSM yawns.

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The era of “psychological stupidity”

Camille Paglia is a lesbian feminist.


How do you react to such a phrase?

Redundant? No, not fair. (The word feminist has different interpretations. A Catholic feminist, for example, will react to the term differently than a Marxist feminist.)

Liberal? Good guess.

Conservative? Unlikely.

Whatever moniker worn by Ms. Paglia, she is controversial. Some of her recent commentaries are sure to infuriate the Marxist/feminist crowd who tend to hate men and believe men can and should be altered by cultural elites, as Ms. Paglia relates in her Time Magazine essay today:

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