Is Google trying to swing the election to Hillary through search engine manipulation?

By Tom Quiner

This blog has railed against the mainstream media for years for shameless bias.

Occasionally, my gripe is how the MSM covers a story. More often, it’s what they don’t cover. A recent example: Donald Trump’s daughter gets asked about her father’s shoddy treatment of women; Chelsea Clinton doesn’t.

Another example: the MSM sat on the shocking Kermit Gosnell House of Horror story until people of conscience shamed them into reluctantly reporting on the monstrous deeds being done in that human abortion clinic.

Another example: the MSM ignored Barack Obama’s background in 2008 at the same time they worked overtime attempting to dig up dirt and discredit Sarah Palin.

We have a new form of manipulation at work. In a page right out of a “House of Cards” episode, Google appears to be manipulating search engine results to deter people from digging into dirt on Hillary Clinton. Watch the video above produced by SourceFed. Please … watch the entire seven minutes.

You are being manipulated if you are using Google.