Loretta Lynch is a microcosm of what ails us

By Tom Quiner

The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is either:

  1. Stupid.
  2. Or thinks we, the American people, are stupid.

Which is it?

Ms. Lynch held a press conference in the wake of the Orlando massacre. She said we may never know the motive behind Omar Mateen’s killing spree that left 49 people dead.

And yet a witness, Patience Carter, told her the reason why: Mateen said he was “killing Americans to get Americans to stop bombing his country.”

Doesn’t that sound like a motive?

On Facebook, Mateen said “Now taste the Islamic state vengeance.”

He denounced “the filthy ways of the west.”

He pledged allegiance to ISIS.

He condemned America: “You kill innocent women and children by doing us airstrikes. Now taste the Islamic state vengeance.”

Ms. Lynch is a member of the liberal elite. Identity politics define their world view. Omar Mateen is a disaffected American born Muslim. In other words, his identity is that of an American-hating Muslim. (For the record, I don’t believe that most Muslims in this country hate the U.S.)

How can Ms. Lynch fail to grasp the motive?

In the midst of his killing spree, Mateen called 911 to be sure the world knew why he was killing all of these people. He told them he was a ‘soldier of the caliphate’ while pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

Back to the questions asked at the outset: is Ms. Lynch stupid … or does she think you are?

We know the Obama government thinks we’re all stupid (remember Grubergate?) We know how arrogant they can be. In but another finger to the American public, the Obama Government scrubbed the transcript of Mateen’s call to 911 to de-emphasize the Islamic motives behind his attack.

The word Allah was changed to God.

The word “ISIS” was expunged by Lynch’s Justice Department in the original transcripts.

Once again, political correctness was shoved down our throats by an administration that bristles at the term, “Islamic terrorism.”

Political correctness is poison.

Its venom has infected the West. In Great Britain, 1400 mostly white girls who were minors, were systematically raped, tortured, and prostituted by men of South Asian descent. This abomination took place in a town called Rotherham. Authorities became aware of it and covered it up out of racism fears. In other words, political correctness.

Tomorrow, Great Britain will vote on whether they want to “Brexit” the European Union. Liberal elites in the EU have crammed unpopular immigration laws down the throats of Brits. Voters are sick of the political correctness and arrogance of the EU and may bolt. They increasingly believe the system is rigged against them.

In this country, Loretta Lynch is a microcosm of the PC mindset that taints practically every political issue in the news.

Donald Trump, as lousy a candidate as he is, has tapped into the anger the average American feels towards a system that they increasingly see as being rigged against them.

So, the correct answer to the question above is all of the above.

Liberal elites like Ms. Lynch, Barack Obama, Jonathan Gruber, and EU bureaucrats, look down on the Joe Sixpacks of the world as being slobbering dunces who need the government to tie their shoes and dab the beer off of their bib.

At the same time, they can’t figure out the motivation of a man who murders 49 people in the name of Allah.

Now that is stupid.


  1. oarubio on June 22, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    The arrogance of the Obamites is even on the face of Hillary.
    Incidentally, I posted an article in favor of Brexit and I failed to mention the problem of every country being pushed into accepting dangerous immigrants. Hope the British vote wisely tomorrow.

    • quinersdiner on June 22, 2016 at 10:00 pm

      It will be very interesting to see what happens. Great to hear from you, Tony!