Dissenting Catholics embrace Hillary

By Tom Quiner

The Catholic vote is significant in every election.

Republicans have won the Catholic vote in eight of the last eleven presidential elections. But in this cycle, Hillary Clinton has a huge lead over Donald Trump among Catholics, by as much as 25 points in some polls.

Ms. Clinton has this lead despite staking out unyielding support for “non-negotiable” issues for Catholic voters, including:

√ Human abortion,

√ Human euthanasia,

√ Embryonic stem cell research,

√ So-called same sex marriage.

Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC writes today in the National Catholic Register that “these are non-negotiable issues because there is no room for nuance or degree of support. You are either for them or against them. There is no middle ground.”

Liberal Catholics either make excuses, suggesting that they are personally opposed to the killing of innocent human life, but can’t oppose their view on others; or that somehow civilization has “evolved” and that these once taboo positions are now wonderful and somehow enhance the social good.

They even accuse faithful Catholics who point out Church teachings on these non-negotiable as “talking politics,” because their party, the Democratic Party which once agreed with the Church now adamantly disagrees.

Msgr. Pope responds:

“The Catholic position on these matters currently coincides with one political party’s platform over another. But this not the intention or fault of the Catholic Church. These are matters that most Americans once agreed on and are now matters that have divided out along political lines.

“The Catholic Church has not moved one inch. Rather, it is a confused culture that has changed and politicians and parties have moved and maneuvered for reasons of their own. But to say the abortion is a grave moral evil is no more political today than it was in 1950. And just because politicians and dissenting Catholics say it is political does not make it so.”

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for a person who supports and plans to spread grave evil.