In praise of ‘death with dignity’

Quiner’s Diner supports ‘death with dignity.’

Let’s define terms, beginning with dignity. The word dignity connotes ‘worth,’ ‘respectability,’ ‘grace,’ ‘decency,’ and ‘virtue.’   In other words, dignity suggests that the meaning of our life transcends the flesh and bones that hold our physical bodies together.

Dignity states that our lives have meaning. Even more, it suggests that our pain and suffering rises to a level of profound significance. The dignity of life demands that death be dignified, because so much purpose is revealed to us in suffering and in the dying process.

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Dissenting Catholics embrace Hillary

“The Catholic Church has not moved one inch. Rather, it is a confused culture that has changed and politicians and parties have moved and maneuvered for reasons of their own. But to say the abortion is a grave moral evil is no more political today than it was in 1950. And just because politicians and dissenting Catholics say it is political does not make it so.”

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Two keys to abundant life

I was listening to Catholic radio yesterday. A man was talking about the danger of the growing euthanasia movement. He said that the lonely, the isolated, the unloved, and the unlovable are at grave risk from this movement. These people feel unwanted and disconnected. They mistakenly may feel that their lives lack meaning, and they are susceptible to the pressures placed on them by the euthanasia cult…

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The cult of human regression

Whenever so-called “progressives” (quotes are because their beliefs do not represent human progress) start talking about “compassion,” and “choice,” run for the hills! Someone is about to end up dead.

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