Does Hillary’s platform truly reflect our humanity?

By Tom Quiner


“The way our society treats animals is a reflection of our humanity.”

This headline is found on one of the ‘issues’ pages on Hillary Clinton’s campaign website.  The page makes the case that Ms. Clinton is compassionate, because she cares about life issues.

For example, she wants to restrict the public’s access to life forms on public lands, as her website proclaims:

  • Protect wildlife in the United States by keeping public lands public—not auctioning them off to the highest bidder—and making more resources available to farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners who are taking steps to conserve our wildlife, lands, and waters.

For example, she wants to crack down on international poaching, which leads to “terrorism”:

  • Combat international wildlife trafficking by shutting down the U.S. market for illegal wildlife products and combating international animal trafficking and poaching, which harms the environment and fuels terrorist activity.

For example, she opposes cruelty to animals:

  • Protect pets and domesticated animals by making sure facilities like animal breeders, zoos, and research institutions create plans to protect the animals in their care during disasters; strengthening regulations of “puppy mills” and other harmful commercial breeding facilities; and supporting the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act.

For example, she wants some government oversite of farm animals so they’re treated humanely:

  • Protect farm animals from inhumane treatment by encouraging farms to raise animals humanely and working to eliminate the use of antibiotics in farm animals for non-therapeutic reasons.

For example, she doesn’t want painful chemicals used on horses:

  • Protect horses by ending the slaughter of horses for human consumption and cracking down on the practice of horse soring, in which chemicals or other inhumane methods are applied to horses’ limbs to exaggerate their gait.

Ms. Clinton has proudly stood up for endangered species, such as the black footed ferret, the Tipton kangaroo rat, and the Zayante band-winged grasshopper.

So when it comes to cows, horses, rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, and insects, she wants government squarely involved in determining what is humane. These are honorable positions. Honorable people can disagree on the extent of federal regulation on these matters without getting into a shouting match.

To reiterate her philosophy: “The way our society treats animals is a reflection of our humanity.”

In light of her aggressive animal rights platform, I guess it’s fair to enquire into her human rights platform.

Does Hillary Clinton also stand up for the most vulnerable human life: unborn human beings?


While she wants government involved in “conserving” wildlife, she demands a hands off policy on human life in the womb, insisting on unfettered human abortion up until the moment of birth.

While she wants government involved in curtailing the “trafficking” of animal life, she defended Planned Parenthood as they were caught trafficking human body parts of aborted little people.

While she rails against puppy “mills,” she is strangely subdued on Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors that was a filthy, murderous abortion mill for low income women in Philadelphia.

While she boasts of standing up for species that are endangered, she is silent on the crisis in the black community where 53% of their baby infants are aborted, resulting in a birth rate below replacement level. She is also silent on the demographic crisis in states such as Iowa whose birth rate is below replacement levels thanks to a lack of protections for the Iowa fetus.

And while she doesn’t want animals “injected” with antibiotics for non therapeutic reasons, she has no such qualms when an amniotic sac is injected with saline solution, killing its occupant, the pre born infant (her word).

So, in light of these views, as supported by the talking points on her website, there is only one way to characterize her human rights platform. It is this:

“The way our society mistreats the most vulnerable humans is a reflection of our inhumanity.”

Her platform tragically fails.