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  1. d. knapp on October 16, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    By this, the First Lady means that this entertainer has made a lot of $$$$ and b/c famous. This is the standard by which the world judges a successful life now. A woman who stays home to care for her family so that children always have someone to turn to in times of crisis is not a role model to these people. Sacrificing ones time for the better of others is not a consideration. A nurse who stays at a patient bedside to do the patient’s nails so she feels better about her appearance or gives an extra bath to a patient at night to provide a small comfort to a body wracked by pain(rather than talking at the nursing station) is not a person to be admired by these people. Mind you, I didn’t do any of these to be admired by Ms. Obama (or anyone else). These people on the front of the world stage want our young to have the morals espoused by the shows of Ms, Beyonce rather than the ones doing the work of God’s love. The amoral of the world are more forgiving of the rancid tendencies of the elite. The likes of Ms. Obama give a lot of empty praise to the likes of the self sacrificing nurse or stay at home mom, but the policies always seam to help the sellers of filth and hurt the other. How else does one explain the silly amount of taxes a middle class man taking care of his family pays or the cost of Obama Care?