Our dumbed down culture

I don’t listen to a whole lot of contemporary music these days.

The songs aren’t well-written. They frequently present values at odds with mine. And they’re over-produced, perhaps to mask the fact that they’re not well-written.

Gordon Goodwin weighed in on the subject on his Facebook page following the recent Grammy Awards. I don’t know much about Mr. Goodwin, other than he is himself an accomplished musician who has won Grammy and Emmy Awards.

Here is his take:

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“If we’re gonna heal, let it be glorious.”

I spent some time on the piano tonight playing Gershwin.

I’m a sucker for George’s irresistible melodies and Ira’s urbane lyrics. By contrast, I am less than enthralled with Beyonce’s lyrics and melodies.

Beyonce Knowles had a highly praised performance at the Grammies last night. Critics drooled over the way she showcased her bare baby bump. I am conflicted…

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Obama to Beyonce’: “Will you write that symphony?”

“I have to admit I’m disappointed in my friend, Beyonce’ Knowles. I say this in light of my past praise when I stated that Beyoncé could not be a better role model for my girls. Her recent song lyrics are demeaning to young women. I know this isn’t a very dignified thing for a president to be talking about, but I AM a father, too, and I’m talking to my fellow dads across the country. For Beyonce’ to suggest that a woman’s worth is defined by her ability to provide a certain type of sex act in the back seat of a limo is shameful and deeply disturbing.”

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Beyonce' coarsens our culture another notch

Beyonce’ Knowles is one of the most glamorous celebrities on the music scene.
She could be such a positive influence on young women if she chose. Sadly, she chooses to corrupt with her latest song, “Partition.”
Its lyrics are vulgar, turning a certain White House intern’s name into a verb. An excerpt:

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