Fear and loathing in the mainstream media

By Tom Quiner


Two big news stories, two different media treatments.

News story #1: NBC apparently sat on an explosive tape of Donald Trump from more than a decade ago that reveals he talks and acts kind of like, well, Bill Clinton. Trump is a boor, a lousy human being.

Newsworthy? Absolutely. Interestingly, NBC didn’t release the tape UNTIL Trump had secured the GOP nomination. It wasn’t newsworthy before then.

ABC, CBS, and NBC have provided 198 minutes of combined coverage on the story.

News story #2: The Wikileaks email dump which exposed the public to the Hillary Clinton emails she tried to destroy. They reveal, for those willing to connect the dots, that Hillary Clinton is corrupt. She sold her influence to national and international power brokers who wanted something from her: more power and more money.

The same three legacy networks devoted but 13 minutes to the Wikileaks story.

To review: 198 minutes on a guy who talks dirty, and 13 minutes on a woman who acts dirty.

Fifteen times the coverage on a guy who would sell out his wife to grope another man’s woman vs a woman who would sell out her country for a buck (actually, $200 million).

Why the bias? Simply because the mainstream media fears the common man who supports Donald Trump. These little people are so beneath the elites who believe it is their duty to dictate American thought.

Why the bias? Because the mainstream media, like the Clinton Team, loathes the little guy.

Do you remember Watergate? Remember how investigative journalists broke the story and brought down a president?

Now it’s computer hackers doing the job that journalists used to do, and journalists who lead the cover up in order to prop up their man woman.


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  1. d. knapp on October 18, 2016 at 6:51 pm

    Usually, some of the first to be imprisoned/executed by autocratic/communist gvts are the journalists. This time it will be the computer “geek” types. Whom ever is likely to “out” the secrets of a corrupt or fascist state will definitely find that they are the recipients of some pretty awful attention.