“I can’t get over it”

By Tom Quiner

How high are the abortion stakes?


I just got back from the annual Life Chain. Hundreds of pro lifers stood along a very busy street praying and holding up signs in support of the most vulnerable members of society: the preborn.

The vast majority of folks responding honked their horns in support. A few gave us the finger. A few more cursed at us.

My wife had an encounter that explains why we do what we do. She stood alone in a parking lot directing people to our new location. A woman pulled in. Karen asked if she was looking for the Life Chain.

No, she wasn’t, but she thanked us profusely for standing up for the cause of Life.

“My mother forced me to have an abortion when I was a teenager. I told her that ‘you’re forcing me to kill my child.’ I’ve never gotten over it.”

I’ve never gotten over it.

Liberals lie to us. They tell us that the baby in the womb is the moral equivalent of a gall bladder gone bad. Some women accept the lie, for awhile, before they face the truth.

This woman knew from day one the consequences of human abortion.

Human abortion breaks hearts. Liberals suggest that women simply need to get thicker skin and ignore the reality of human abortion, that putting their needs ahead the of needs of their baby is even virtuous.

This heartless philosophy just doesn’t work.

Women know. The loss of a daughter or son always hurts.

Human abortion is the most anti-woman public policy ever fomented by liberalism.