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  1. d. knapp on October 10, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    As a woman and Mom, I can’t think of one thing HRC has done for me or any other woman in my family. Other than fighting for extreme abortion “rights”, I can’t think of one “women’s issue she has affected. She is riding around on the coat tails of the women who came before she did. I don’t know if people are aware but before that woman got to Wash. women were voting, having careers, etc. I did all that and served in the military in support of Desert Storm before she even got to Washington. The women who helped me were my Mom, aunts and Grandmother. They gave me the financial, physical and emotional support to do all the things I wanted. There was a great man too….my step dad. All the hard work of women ( many long dead now) gave me the rights and opportunities I have had. Do I have all the opportunities of all men? No, but they don’t have all the opportunities of a woman. Think not? Consider the guy who wants to do day care or L&D R.N.They are not the first choice, are they? Every accomplished woman I know fought for herself. HRC was no where to be seen. Her policies make it harder for the independent working woman to make it. She gets penalized to help the people waiting around for help.