The March for Life is really a ‘march for love’

By Tom Quiner


The ‘women’s march’ demanded abortion on demand


God is love.

That suggests that when God created mankind, it was an act of love. It seems to me that creativity is the essence of living a life that is fully alive, whether we’re writing a song, baking bread, or designing a skyscraper.

Perhaps nothing is more of an act love than the creation of a new human person, who comes into existence at the moment of conception. Sacred scripture makes it clear that each human person is made in God’s image, and that our Father in Heaven knew us before we were born.


The March for Life stands up for the little guy

That is why today’s March for Life is such a monumental event. For the 44th year in a row, hundreds of thousands of people come together in an act of love, a march for Love, so to speak. They march for the voiceless, for the unwanted, for the little guy that the existing power structure in this country considers disposable.

In contrast to last Saturday’s women’s march which trumpeted the disposability of human life (top left photo), today’s March champions the dignity of human life. Blessings to all of the students marching for life today.

Special thanks to Iowans for Life for coordinating three busloads of students. What a lesson in ‘living a life that is fully alive.’ They’ll never forget this experience.

[If you want to support the cause of Life, but couldn’t march today, could you make a donation to Iowans for Life? I promise you, your investment in Life will be leveraged to reach more teens on the sanctity of human life. Every buck makes a difference.]


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