A good man is confirmed to head the EPA

By Tom Quiner

David Axelrod was a political hack operative for Barack Obama.

In the tweet above, he massages the truth in an effective way that the political Left is sure to love. Fox News’ Brit Hume responds even more effectively:

1) He’s no denier. He’s a skeptic. Big difference. 2) Chicago, UAE conditions are weather, not climate. Also a big difference.

Even more, though, Scott Pruitt is a Constitutionalist, which is another reason the political Left hates him.

As attorney general for Oklahoma, he led the legal efforts of a consortium of states opposing President Obama’s Clean Power plan as a violation of federalism. He was so effective in that role that the Supreme Court issued a stay on the Obama plan.

The Wall Street Journal explained:

Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt, new EPA head

“President Obamacouldn’t get his climate-change agenda through a Democratic Congress, so he  ordered the EPA to impose it on the 50 states by diktat. The agency reinterpreted statute after ancient statute as its bureaucrats saw fit, daring the courts to stop them. Think of the Clean Power Plan to put the coal industry out of business, the carbon endangerment rule, grabbing authority to call any pond or puddle a “waterway,” and so much more.”

Scott Pruitt helped block the plan. Now he’s in charge of the agency. His views on climate change aren’t as important as his views on the Constitution, which he clearly respects.

He was confirmed by the Senate today as head of the EPA. That’s not just another big win for Trump, it’s a big win for the country and the rule of law.