Donald Trump is either the stupidest or most brilliant president in history 11

By Tom Quiner

Did you catch any of this news in the past 7 days?

√ The unemployment rate hit its lowest point since 2001.

√ Wages rose.

√ The economy has added 594,000 jobs since Donald Trump took office.

√ The construction industry added 11,000 last month.

√ The Trump Interior Department reopened Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve to drilling, reversing Barack Obama’s decision to close it in 2013. This is great news for the Alaska economy and for the entire country’s energy policy.

√ The Dakota Pipeline went live!

√ The Trump team is working towards removing the Texas Hornshell, a freshwater mussel, from endangered species list, something imposed on Texas by the Obama administration despite its basis on bad science.

√ The Commerce Secretary said the Trump team is still interested in completing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with Eastern Europe.

√ Republican Senators said they’d have a healthcare bill rewrite ready for a vote no later than late July.

√ The EPA continues to roll back job-crushing regulations.

√ The military conducted a successful ground-based missile defense system test, which may be critical to our nation’s survival in light of North Korea’s expressed desire to destroy the U.S. with their nuclear missiles.

The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel highlighted a few of these newsworthy events in her Potomac Watch column today. As you may have noticed, there was minimal or no coverage by the mainstream media (MSM).

The media is in a growing frenzy over Trump’s so-called collusion with Russia. President Trump fuels their frenzy with his sharp-tongued Tweets, and they respond like Pavlov’s dog in heat.

The only non-Russia story the media has talked much about this week was Trump’s decision yesterday to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. Responses to this move characterize the unhinged nature of the political Left anymore:

“Once again, Donald Trump brings shame on the United States, and sets on a course that will harm millions if not billions of people.”

“To the people of Germany and elsewhere in the world: Please don’t think that President Trump represents American values, he doesn’t.”

“I can’t even make the obvious lowbrow “Donald Trump pulling out” jokes because all I can think about is THE END OF THE WORLD.”

“Trump regime’s policies are literally everything you’d expect from an evil villain trying to destroy the world & hurt innocent people.”

“Trump to earth: drop dead.”

Really subtle.

In light of the Left and the mainstream media’s (pardon the redundancy) propensity for hysteria on anything Trump does, it is fair to ask: Is Donald Trump stupid for provoking them … or brilliant?

I honestly don’t know.

My gut says Trump should back off of the Tweets and focus on continuing the good work he has started at making America great again.

On the other hand, he has the MSM so distracted with his ongoing provocations that they’re ignoring the real stories, some of which I mentioned at the outset, stories they’d be sure to report with a negative spin if they were focuses on anything under than Trump Derangement Syndrome.

For example, when they’re not distracted, they take our improving economy and warn us that this causes increased driving and more traffic deaths. (Seriously, that’s what Norah O’Donnell said on CBS.) Or they’d focus on the Labor Force Participation rate which is not rising yet.


Or they’d focus on how Trump is going to destroy Alaska’s environment or wipe the Texas Hornshell off the face of the earth!

Or they’d target their radar on how the Republican’s healthcare bill will kill senior citizens, make the rich healthier and the poor sicker.

Or whatever.

Journalism as a profession is corrupted.

Has Donald Trump read the tea leaves better than the rest of us and distracted the goofy Left from the solid Conservative policies that he is rolling out day by day and week by week?

Who knows.

My headline says it all: Donald Trump is either the stupidest or most brilliant president in history.



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