Competing marches compared

By Tom Quiner

The difference between the Women’s March and the March for Life is shocking.

You’ll see the difference in the video above.

Women’s march participants are profane. March for Life participants are prayerful.

Women’s march participants are violent and destructive. March for Life participants are gentle.

Women’s march participants corrupt children. March for Life participants model Christian virtue to their kids.

Women’s march participants are disrespectful of people with whom they disagree. March for Life participants are respectful of people with whom they disagree.

Women’s march participants threaten violence to those with whom they disagree, and practice violence on the most vulnerable human beings, the preborn. March for Life participants believe peace begins in the womb, and to that aim, stand up for the little guy, the preborn.

It’s all on the video above in 147 fast-moving seconds.

Watch it.

Be forewarned: there is profound vulgarity on full display in the first part of this video. This raises a serious question: why? Why is the political left profane, disrespectful, destructive, and violent?



  1. d. knapp on February 2, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Well? One I WOULD go to and take my child and one I would NOT. That said, I guess you know that a man spoke better for me than ANY of those women and other folks who THINK they’re women.