Human abortion on demand without apology

“What was last Saturday’s women’s march all about?” I asked a group of women this week.

Granted, these women were devout, pro life Catholics. They were appalled by what they saw on television of the march.

On the other hand, I know many other Catholic women who lean left politically who loved the women’s march, supported the march, and even came out and marched with other liberal women at Des Moines’s version of the women’s march.

So, what was the march really, really about? This–>

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Liberal rallies leave behind a shocking level of garbage. Why?

I mention this because of the Left’s tendency to disrespect the environment and public and private property, which continues with recent newsworthy rallies. I’m certain you saw the video footage of Leftists breaking glass store fronts during last week’s Inaugural Parade. In their attempt to vent their rage at losing an election, they violently lashed out at private business owners. But did you see the mess they left behind at Hillary Clinton rallies a few months ago, or the mammoth mess they left behind after Saturday’s so called Women’s March?

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