Did Donald Trump just end Obamacare?

By Tom Quiner

Dick Morris always has a unique take on politics.

Younger readers of this blog may not know his colorful background. He was an advisor to President Bill Clinton. Clinton’s first two years in office were poisoned by Hillary Clinton’s push to nationalize healthcare, which came to be known as HillaryCare.

It was a predecessor of ObamaCare. Republicans capitalized on the Clintons’ overreach, and the myriad scandals that always swirl around them, and won control of the Congress in 1994 in what is known as the “Gingrich Revolution.”

Newt Gingrich created the famous “contract with America” as a backlash against the big government solutions Hillary was orchestrating behind the scenes. The result was a remarkable pick-up of 54 seats in the House and 8 seats in the Senate for Republicans.

With Republicans back in the driver’s seat, Dick Morris became a key figure in rescuing Bill Clinton’s presidency with a strategy he dubbed, “triangulation.” Here is how Wikipedia defines it:

“In politics, triangulation is the strategy in which a political candidate presents their ideology as being above or between the left and right sides (or “wings”) of a traditional (e.g. American or British) democratic political spectrum. It involves adopting for oneself some of the ideas of one’s political opponent. The logic behind it is that it both takes credit for the opponent’s ideas, and insulates the triangulator from attacks on that particular issue.”

Bill Clinton heeded Morris’ advice, and in his famous 1996 State of the Union speech said, “the era of Big Government is over.” (I wish someone had told that to George W. Bush and Barack Obama!) To that aim, the Clinton presidency began to focus more on deregulation and a balanced budget approach that served the country well.

Dick Morris eventually fell from grace when he allowed a prostitute he was “entertaining” listen in on his phone conversation with the president, which got him fired.

He was reborn as a conservative political consultant and major thorn in the side to Hillary Clinton, whom he knows well and has nothing good about which to say.

This leads me to the insightful commentary from Dick Morris above. It really is worth watching. Morris says Obamacare is built upon coercion: you have to buy health insurance, and it has to cover everything. There is a third element: subsidies.

By executive order, President Trump has effectively eliminated the mandate and opened the door to cheaper, catastrophic insurance coverage. What Morris is saying is that even if Congress does nothing, Obamacare has already been gutted. All that remain are the subsidies.

You will no longer be forced to purchase coverage you don’t need, such as maternity coverage, gender reassignment, or contraception. You are back in the driver’s seat, free to purchase coverage that fits your financial and personal needs.

So did President Trump effectively end Obamacare? Watch the video above. You be the judge.