1. Harlan Bergman on June 22, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    I have to say, belittling and laughing at and mocking orotestants doesn’t sound very Christian to me. I have never seen that in any of your writings.

    • quinersdiner on June 22, 2017 at 3:22 pm

      Hi Harlan: You’ve never seen it in my writings because I hold Protestants in high regard, having grown up in Protestantism myself. I always have attempted to approach differences in theology respectfully with an aim toward clarifying what Catholics believe, and why. Steve Ray is a good man. He offers up a good understanding for how Catholics view the “born again” concept, which is why I posted it. I wish he didn’t take a “we against them” approach, which is ultimately divisive and counter-productive, as you have pointed out. Rest assured that was not my intent in posting his presentation. Thanks for writing.

  2. d. knapp on June 22, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    Anyone who accepts Christ as their personal savior is “born again”. Believing IN Christ isnt the same as believing ON Christ. Satan believes in Christ. He met Him. believing On Christ to be one’s salvation means taking on a new life spiritually. What one calls it is irrelevant. Just be remade (reborn) in the holy spirit and join the heavenly host in eternity.I think the terminology gets us working against each other, when it shouldn’t.

    • d. knapp on June 24, 2017 at 3:13 pm

      Christ DID promise entry to paradise to the condemned man on the cross beside him. I’m sure that man wasn’t baptized. Those deprived of the chance for Baptism may still have salvation and entry into Paradise. Many of my protestant brethren are a bit hostile when approaching others “Do you know Christ?” “Are you born again?” They make people feel assaulted verbally, weather they mean to or not.That does not make a tit-for-tat a good idea from a Catholic. Why do followers of Christ feel the need to attack each other? The asking of Christ into one’s heart is salvation. The Baptism is the physical rebirth that should follow the spiritual one. BUT if one does not make it to the river due to unforeseen circumstances, the salvation is STILL real. I dont know ANY protestant groups not practicing baptism. The very fundamentalists from Tenn. this man so glibly makes fun of for their accent (how Christian and mature) WOULD DEFINITELY perform baptisms…probably in a river or creek near the church community. The tent revival was meant to revive the faith of the believers and perhaps reach a nonbeliever. The trip to the alter is NOT the final word on it for these mountain folk. I knew these Tenn. mtn folk growing up. Their services were a little odd for my own taste, but they ABSOLUTELY follow the basic tenants of Christianity. I dont know why this man focuses on the use of a tent. You know the deep south is a very rainy place. I guess he’d have people stand hour after hour and night after night in the rain and lightening….not to mention the bugs. I bet if John or Christ could have gotten a tent w/ open sides to keep the sun off folks they WOULD have. This guy needs some time in seclusion w/ monks to rethink his desire for battle (needlessly) and the need to be mean spirited. I know a lot of protestants w/ some pretty unkind words for members of other sects of the faith, but this guy would have me see him as somehow different from the relatively uneducated people he makes fun of wile he makes such unnecessary comments about accents and tents. Is this someone I should look to for my understanding of Christianity? I wonder if this man would be as hostile toward a Muslim, Hindu or other religion’s follower? I’m not saying he wouldn’t. I just wonder. To be that way towards one of those other groups ( talking about accents and tents) would be seen as very racist…rightfully so. I dont know why the other pastor didnt speak of the Baptisms he would routinely carry out. There may have been some misunderstanding of terms between the 2, but any priest not knowing that ALL protestant groups perform baptism is not learned enough to be in the pulpit. Tom, I’m so glad you are not as this man is. I think I’d much enjoy you and your wife, but this guy would make me think twice about an invite to a back yard event.